"More than twenty contemporary artists are featured in the exhibition In Tandem  . This multi-generational show includes works by leading and emergent artists from the 1950s to the present working in a variety of media and styles. Iconic works by established artists such as Chuck Close, David Hockney, and Betye Saar will be showcased in tandem with up-and-coming artists Ángel Rámiro Sanchez, Steve Prince. Diverse approaches to contemporary culture, created by a cadre of multi-cultural artists, demonstrate the plurality of vision among living and modern artists in the permanent collection of the MUSCARELLE Museum of Art.

Included in the exhibition will be the artwork "THE BLACK HAT", 2010, by Tania Brassesco & Lazlo Passi Norberto, two up-and-coming Italian artists who created their image based on Gustav Klimt’s ‘The Black Feather Hat’, 1910.  This new interpretation of the work of a fin-de-siècle master offers the viewer an opportunity to revisit the past and contemplate the present meaning of decadence in a time of social and cultural crisis.  It is compared ‘in tandem’ with ‘Untitled’, 1980/2000, by Cindy Sherman, the well-established artist who has also delivered a staged photograph, this one from the 1980s project Rear Screen Projections. The artist again serves as a model posing for the camera, creating another surreal photographic experience that is neither real nor imaginary."

John T. Spike

* Extract from the text for the Exhibition "In Tandem"
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