"It's a tense verbal space, dripping allusions, what you can find also in the flying papers, enveloping Tania Brassesco's and Lazlo Passi Norberto’s visual poems in Fairy book. What a marvelous freedom and fluency of attitudes inside the photographic situations that these two young artists realize, in complete independence and with deep craftsmanship. From the conception of the idea, up to its setting and till every single detail is perfect, Tania and Lazlo's work reaches its highest level in a manual ability that touches the land of harmony.

These two artists' universe is full of premonitions, packed with appearances, echoes, shadows, figures that have the role of an epiphany: what sort of Tabula rasa is conceivable in Sleeping beauty's main character's sleep, other than being aware of a waiting in the suspended moment of a condition which brings us back to a place that seems to be the last on earth, where the world stops in the desolation of dusk.

A place where you can breathe the terrible wind of absence, but also, where you can perceive the vision of a still unknown land: we don't where it comes from nor if somebody discovered it before us, but what we know for sure is that in such a suspension the gentle and incorporeal breathe of dream is blowing."

Stefano Cecchetto

* Extract from the text for the Exhibition "Tabula Rasa - Metamorphosis for a Rebirth"
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